Angus beef is beef obtain from Aberdeen Angus cow. Angus cows are muscular animals with a mostly reddish or black hide which makes them very easily identifiable. They are mostly grass fed and grain finishing using corn and wheat is introduced later. Angus beef is a favored for its tenderness, juiciness and unique mouthwatering taste. Angus beef is mostly used in making burgers.


  • Angus beef has higher fat content compared to regular beef. Angus beef contains a high amount of fat that contains essential nutrients that are important in the body. The fat can also be used in making soaps and candles.
  • Angus beef is more tender and softer compared to regular beef. The grain finishing process and high fat content makes the meat soft and tender. Its tender characteristic makes it the preferred beef for making burgers by most restaurants in the United States.
  • Angus beef is juicier compared to regular beef. Who doesn’t love a piece of some juicy beef? Angus beef is exceptional for its outstanding taste which is delicate and tantalizing.
  • Angus beef has a mouthwatering flavor as compared to regular beef. Angus beef has a unique flavor which makes one demand more. The flavor makes the meat finger licking good.
  • Angus beef is readily available as compared to regular beef. This is due to a shorter life span as well as widespread rearing of Angus cows fueled by high demand.
  • Angus beef has a marbling effect compared to regular beef. The marbling effect caused by high fat content keeps the meat moist when preparing it.

In conclusion, Angus beef is preferred as the better variety in comparison to regular beef due to the qualities mentioned above. It is always advisable to check for the Certified Angus Beef label before purchasing.  For more information follow the following link.www.nationlbeefassociation.com.www.nybeef.org

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