Nothing says “welcome to summer” like a wonderful barbecue! And as you know chicken, whether a breast filet, a whole wing, a thigh, drumstick, or an entire bird, it’s always a hit. Mastering the game of barbecuing chicken will elevate your summer meals. Plus, you’ll enjoy your peace of mind if you know without a doubt that your barbecued chicken is fully and thoroughly cooked while serving it to family and friends.

How to Prepare Raw Chicken for Barbecuing

1. No Washing Raw Chicken

Most chicken contains germs. When washing the raw chicken, the water droplets with germs can travel in all directions, coming into contact with other foods and kitchen utensils. According to the NHS, food poisoning is caused by just a few campylobacter cells. All bacteria, germs, and campylobacter cells will die when exposed to heat. So, don’t spread them to other items in the kitchen by washing the bird.

2. Thoroughly Wash all utensils Used When Preparing the Raw Chicken.

You should be next to plenty of running water when preparing raw chicken. Put some hot soapy water on the standby so that when you are done with the plates, knives, chopping board, and other dishes, you soak them there, awaiting thorough washing with plenty of hot, warm, and cold water. Rinse them thoroughly with plenty of cold water and sun-dry them where possible. The sun is the best disinfectant for house utensils if you didn’t know.

How to Barbecue Chicken

To begin with, cover the chicken with virgin oil and sprinkle generously with salt and pepper. Ignite the grill, ensuring you can control the temperature and maintain a cool area with few embers. When your grill is ready, barbecue the chicken for around 20 minutes undisturbed with the lid closed at 170 degrees Fahrenheit. Cover the chicken in barbecue sauce once it’s been browned. After that, flip it and cook for another 15-25 minutes, decreasing the heat and shutting the lid. Sprinkle the chicken with more barbecue sauce after time is up. Cook at a temperature of roughly 155 degrees Fahrenheit till the chicken is solid to the touch and glossy all the way through. Barbecuing a chicken doesn’t have to be hard work. With these tips, you’ll maneuver the process of making barbecue chicken for your friends and family with ease.

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