You are there craving a juicy steak as you ate with a friend last time in this restaurant. And when you approach your server, the question you hear next is, “Do you want it rare, medium, or well done?” Such a question may be confusing, especially if you’re hearing it for the first time. It was very bewildering to me at first, I won’t lie.
If you frequent a restaurant, they won’t ask such a question because they already know your choice. But if you’re ordering for the first time, you can’t avoid the question. And it’s too much work for the waiter to start explaining the differences between these terminologies.
To avoid looking green in this field, perhaps your answer is “bring either.” And the waiter brings half-cooked steak with even blood visible on the inside, and you wonder, “What the hell is this?” You pay and leave it on the table.
I can feel you!
Here, we explain the differences between medium well and well done and which is the most preferred. We also lightly touch on rare-well to not float when you hear it.

1. Rare Meat

Just as the name suggests, this is for diners who love steak when it’s lowest done. They like it tender with blood flavor and bright red color from the uncooked or half-cooked meat. Such is for real carnivores.

2. Medium Well

Well-meaning waiters will recommend medium well for you if they find you stranded between decisions. It is subjected to 145 degrees Fahrenheit, making it tender and well-cooked. Meat heated at such a temperature does not lose its softness and is easy to chew. It is also flavorful and tasty. If you don’t like the sight of blood yet love tender meat, this is for you.

3. Well-Done

“Well done” refers to the most cooked steak meat on the menu. I won’t say it’s tough to chew because some people will swear by well-done steak. It is for those who hate to taste blood flavor in their meat. I think, for you to comfortably love this steak type, you must have very sharp canine teeth to tear the meat into pieces and strong molars to chew the hard stuff.
Medium well wins the day. It’s more preferred than rare and well-done. Well-done is considered tough, chewy, and dry, while rare is seen as uncooked. Most people can’t stand the sight of blood from their meat, let alone chewing it.

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